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Cast and Curious: “Participatory” in Sello Pesa and Vaughn Sadie’s Inhabitant at iDANS 05

 Nese Ceren Tosun

“Participatory” became the new catch qualification for most of today’s artistic productions. Be it a contemporary art piece or a performance, the audience –or the public is imagined and situated more and more as the co-maker of the work. Though the ultimate credits of authorship remain with the artists, the work is actualized with the active involvement of those who would conventionally come ‘to watch’ the piece. In such instances, hospitable acts are exchanged at varying degrees between the artist and participants, exposing both parties to different levels of risk and work. Read more

Sello Pesa & Vaughn Sadie – Inhabitant

Nese Ceren Tosun

Inhabitant by Sello Pesa and Vaughn Sadie is a moving example of how hospitality can be a political act through the means of performative framing. The artists use the space of Dolapdere and its inhabitants as the object of their aesthetic-bodily and social research. The space, during the performance, becomes the site of a confused and shared guilt of spectatorship while at the same time involving everyone in the act of care for each other: the drivers who might get distracted, the performers rolling in the middle of the street, the kids who might take the performers as examples for courageous yet fatale acts all become concerns one feels the need “to do something about”. Read more